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Google Slides allows you to create, edit, and share presentations with anyone, online, for free.

Explore tons of pre-built templates

Start automating common business processes immediately with tons of prebuilt templates.
You can use them as they are or customize them to suit your needs

Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions


Find Presentation

Finds an existing presentation.


New Presentation

Triggers when a new presentation is created.


Append Text to Document

Appends text to an existing document.


Refresh Charts

Refreshes the data for all charts in a presentation that have been linked to Google Sheets.


Create Presentation From Template

Creates a new presentation based on an existing one and can replace any placeholder variables found in your template presentation, like {{name}}, {{email}}, etc.

Available Datasets

Get Slideshow

Receives data about SlideShare Get Slideshow reports.

Slideshows By Tag

Receives data about SlideShare Slideshows By Tag reports.

Slideshows By User

Receives data about SlideShare Slideshows By User reports.

User Contacts

Receives data about SlideShare User Contacts reports.

User Favorites

Receives data about SlideShare User Favorites reports.

User Tags

Receives data about SlideShare User Tags reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of the SlideShare API does this connector use?

This connector uses version 2 of the SlideShare API (

What kind of credentials do I need to power up this connector?

You need the API key and shared secret associated with your SlideShare account.

How often can the data be updated?

Datasets can be updated as often as needed. If you get rate limit errors, update the datasets less frequently.

Are there any API limits that I need to be aware of?

SlideShare does not document any limits in their API.

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