Project Management


MeisterTask is an incredibly intuitive online task manager that uses smart integrations and task automation to make your team more productive.

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Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions


Get Tasks From A Section

Get tasks from a particular section.


Get Tasks

Retrieve all available tasks.


Get Task Labels

Get all labels from a particular task.


Get Task Comments

Get comments from a task by ID.


Get Project Info

Get project details by ID.


Find Task

Finds a task by searching.


Find Person

Find a person based on a person_id. Can be used to match a tasks assignee to a person name.


Watch Tasks

Triggers when a new task is created.


Watch New Tasks In A Section

Triggers when a new task added to a section.


Watch Comments

Get all comments of a task.


New Comment

Triggers when a new comment is created on a task.


New Project

Triggers when a new project is created.


New Checklist Item

Triggers when a new checklist item is added to a task.


New Section

Triggers when a new section is created.


New Person

Triggers when a new person is added to a project.


New Task

Triggers when a Task is created or changed.


Update A Task

Update a task.


Update A Tag/Label

Update a tag/label itself, it means that label will be changed on all tasks/projects where it was used.


Create A Task

Create a new task.


Create A Tag/Label

Create a new label.


Create A Comment

Create a comment.


Add A Label To A Task

Add a label/tag to a task.


Create Attachment

Creates a new attachment.


Update Task

Updates an existing task.


Create Task

Creates a new task.

Available Datasets

App Market Categories Functional

Returns the categories available in the system.

App Market Categories Vertical

Returns the categories available in the system.

App Market Own Shares

Returns all the apps that the active user has shared.

App Stream

Returns the stream for the selected app. App Voting

App Voting

Returns Application voting information.

App Voting

Returns Application voting information.


Returns the batches created by the authenticated user.

Calendar Summary

Returns the calendar summary for the authenticated user.

Contact Skills

Returns the skills of related contacts


Returns a list of contacts.

Email Groups

Returns the subscription status for all the email groups.

Export Items

Returns a list of exported items.


Returns a list of files for the selected criteria.


Returns a list of all active forms on the selected app.

Global Calendar Exports

Returns exports configured for the global calendar.


Returns the integration for the selected app.


Returns a list of items.


Returns a list of notifications based on the selected filters.

Organization Contacts

Returns all the profiles of the users contacts on the given organization.


Returns the current status for the authenticated user.


Searches in all items, files, and tasks in the application.

Space Members

Returns the members of the selected space.

Task Labels

Returns the users task labels.


Returns a list of all tasks for the selected filters.

Total Contacts Count

Returns the total number of contacts for the authenticated user.


Returns data for the authenticated user.

User Contacts

Returns a list of contacts for the authenticated user.

Voting Result

Returns the result of voting on an item.

Frequently Asked Questions

What endpoint is the base URL for this connector?

The base URL for Podio is

What kind of credentials do I need to power up this connector?

You need your username and password. Podio uses OAuth for authentication to protect your credentials.

How often can the data be updated?

Datasets can be updated as often as needed. If you get rate limit errors, update the datasets less frequently.

Are there any API limits that I need to be aware of?

Podio has a general rate limit of 5000 requests per hour, with various reports having a lower limit of 1000 calls per hour.

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