The Sendgrid connector allows you to send emails and interact with your Sendgrid data directly within your Tray workflows. You can send individual emails, send bulk emails, and manage contact lists within Tray - all via the Sendgrid API.

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Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions

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Available Datasets


Returns all the alerts on account.

All IPs in Warming Up

Returns all IP addresses that are currently warming up.


Returns a list of all email addresses that are currently in the blocks list.


Returns all bounces on account.


Returns a list of all campaigns.

Email Statistics By Browser

Returns email statistics segmented by browser type.

Email Statistics By Client Type

Returns email statistics segmented by client type.

Email Statistics By Country and State

Returns email statistics segmented by country and state/province.

Email Statistics By Device Type

Returns email statistics segmented by the device type.

Email Statistics By Mailbox Provider

Returns email statistics segmented by recipient mailbox provider.

Email Statistics By Specific Client Type

Returns email statistics segmented by a specific client type.

Email Statistics For Categories

Returns all email statistics for categories.

Get Warmup Status for a Particular IP

Returns the warmup status for a specific IP address.

Global Email Statistics

Returns all of the global email statistics between a given date range.

Global Suppressions

Returns a list of all email address that is globally suppressed.

Invalid Emails

Returns a list of all invalid email addresses.

List All IPs

Returns a list of all assigned and unassigned IPs.

List All IPs In a Specified Pool

Returns a list all of the IP addresses that are in a specific IP pool.

Marketing Campaigns Recipients

Returns all of marketing campaigns recipients.

Pending Teammates

Returns a list of all pending teammate invitations.


Returns all of the segments.

Sender Identities

Returns a list of all sender identities that have been created for an account.

Spam Reports

Returns all the spam reports.

Subuser Reputations

Returns the reputations for subusers.


Returns a list of all of subusers.

Sum of Email Statistics

Returns the total sum of each email statistic for every category over the given date range.

Suppression Groups Associated with the User

Returns a list of all suppression groups created by the user.


Returns a list of all suppressions.


Returns a list of all current teammates.


Returns all transactional templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of the SendGrid API does this connector use?

This connector uses version 3 of the SendGrid API (

What kind of credentials do I need to power up this connector?

You need the username and password associated with your SendGrid account.

Can I use the same account multiple times to create datasets?


How often can the data be updated?

Datasets should be set to update no more than once every 15 minutes.

Are there any API limits that I need to be aware of?

SendGrid may limit API calls. To prevent rate limiting, reduce the number of datasets scheduled to run at the same time.

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