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Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions


Retrieve items

Retrieves summary report items.


Watch workspaces

Triggers when a new workspace is created.


Watch users

Triggers when a new user is created.


Watch time entries

Triggers when a time entry is created or updated.


Watch tasks

Triggers when a new task is created.


Watch projects

Triggers when a new project is created.


Watch clients

Triggers when a new client is created.


Get a project

Gets a project.


Get a client

Gets a client.


Add user to a project

Adds an existing user to a project.


Get an object name

Returns the name of the object with the given ID.


Delete a task

Deletes a task


Edit a task

Edits an existing task.


Create a task

Creates a new task.


Delete a client

Deletes a client.


Edit a client

Edits a client's data.


Create a client

Creates a new client.


Delete a project

Deletes a project.


Edit a project

Edits an existing project.


New project

Creates a new project.


Get a running time entry

Gets a currently running time entry.


Stop a time entry.

Stops a time entry.


Start a time entry

Starts a time entry.


Delete a time entry

Deletes a time entry.


Edit a time entry

Edits an existing time entry.


Create a time entry

Creates a time entry.


Get a detailed report

Gets a detailed report for a specific time period.


Get summary report

Returns a summary report matching specific criteria. The summary report can be organized according to the grouping and subgrouping params you specify.

Available Datasets

All Clients

Returns information about all clients.

All Time Entries

Returns all time entries for the authenticated user within the specified date.

All Workspaces

Returns information about all workspaces.


Returns information about calls, including phone number, call status, inbound or outbound, call start and end time, etc.

Client Details

Returns details on a specified client.

Client Projects

Returns the projects for a specified client.

Current User Data

Returns data for the current user.

Detailed Report

Returns the time entries based on the specified fields.

Project Data

Returns data for a specified project.

Project Tasks

Returns the tasks for a specified project.

Project Users

Returns the users for a specified project.

Single Workspace

Returns details about a specified workspace.

Summary Report

Returns aggregated time entry data.

Weekly Report

Returns aggregated duration or earnings data for 7 days from the selected date, grouped by users and projects.

Workspace Clients

Returns the clients for a specified workspace.

Workspace Projects

Returns the projects for a specified workspace.

Workspace Tags

Returns the tags for a specified workspace.

Workspace Tasks(Only for Pro Workspaces)

Returns the tasks for a specified workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of credentials do I need to power up this connector?

You will only need an API token to connect and power up the connector. The API token is separate for each user and is provided during user sign up. It is available under the "My Profile" section in Toggl.

Do I need a certain kind of account with the data service to set up the connector?

No. Any valid Toggl account will be able to power up this connector.

How frequently will my data update?

Most information about the summary is updated every 24 hours. It is recommended that, generally, datasets be configured to run every 24 hours.

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