Design automations fast with an easy drag-and-drop editor

Easyflow gives everyone from business users to advanced developers the right visual online editor to build great automation workflows
Simply drag and drop your desired apps. Skip the error-prone manual programming.
Thousands of pre-built templates and connectors to help you build automations easier.
Insert API skills into your automation with drag-and-drop ease.

Manage everything from your browser

Smoothly run and scale automations without taxing your operations budget.
Easyflow tracks and logs everything every workflow does, so you can keep compliant and secure.
Track and troubleshot process execptions and bottlenecks
Deep-dive into queues and transactions

Powerful Runtime Engine

You never have to think about fault-tolerance, latency or uptime. We take care of all API platform and guarantee that every event will be delivered even if an API goes down.
Real Time & Batch Processing: Run your workflows to process events in real time using API endpoints, webhooks and variations or run scheduled jobs e.g. ETL style use cases.
Advanced Queue Management allows increasing throughput with parallel processing.
FIFO: Easyflow has transaction awareness when tracking events. This guarantees events are processed in the same order they occured in the application, removing duplicates
Long Running Processes: Easyflow eliminates the complexity of setting up automations for long running processes that could take days, weeks or months to complete (e.g. approval processes, surveys, hiring, etc.)

Get the insights you need

Easyflow tracks, measures, and forecasts the performance of your entire automation - so you can uplift your automation journey to the next level.
Track what matters: Everyone can see automation ROI - from a close-up view of a single automation to the big picture.
Look, learn, and act: Gain a deeper understanding of your automations with clear dashboards.
Report results quickly and easily: Instantly share reports with key stakeholders across the company. Give teams access to self-service analyses and custom reporting.
Data-driven analysis of each automation helps you maximize performance and impact.

Process X-ray

Use data from your applications to get a thorough understanding of your processes. You'll know what to automate and how to do it best.
Holistic view: Produce a detailed "x-ray" of your end-to-end processes by pulling log data from your systems.
Sport bottlenecks: Let the system help you identify root-cause issues and opportunities to transform business operations.
Let science guide your automation: Fact-based recommendations and visualizations help you zero in on high-ROI, high impact workflows.
Smart tags and KPIs: Use smart tags and KPIs to identify automation opportunities with the biggest impact. Then measure performance after you automate.
Processes optimization: Continuously iterate and monitor to know what's working and what's not, and keep optimizing your processes.

Let automation work with human

When an automation includes decisions that a human should make - like approvals, escalations, and exceptions - Easyflow makes it easy and efficient to hand off the process from automation to human. And back again.
Automate big opportunities: Processes than span business units and requires automation-people handoffs are big ROI opportunities - but they can be hard to automate end to end. With Easyflow you can do it with few clicks!
Automation that know when to pause: Easily build automation that can handle the start-and-stop, come-and-go of human interactions. Our workflows can pause and resume work and drop off work to their person.
Easy for people to interact: Easyflow gives users a central portal where they can see all their tasks and supporting documents, take actions, and pass the job back to an automation right then and there.
See clearly into complexity: Track and monitor complex processes across business units, tasks, people and automations from a central portal. Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies to make workflows flow faster. And get a full audit trail for compliance.
Third-party integrations: If you already use external tools, simply use our connectors to connect them. Manage exceptions and integrations easily.

Discover the full power of the
Easyflow Platform

Ready to start automating?

Getting started with Easyflow is simple, secure and there's no installation required.

1. Choose your apps

Select and authorize the apps you want to sync.

2. Connect

Hundreds of prebuilt templates

3. Let it start!

Set it and forget it, Easyflow will take over from here!
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