Amazon Dynamodb

Amazon's DynamoDB is a fast NoSQL database service. It is fully managed, simple and cost-effective. It can store and retrieve any amount of data and serve any level of request traffic.

Integration & Dashboard Templates

Save hours on creating Automations and Dashboards from scratch with 100s of professionally designed templates.
Easyflow connects simply and securely to your app account, so you can compile key website and app metrics on an easy-to-understand dashboard.
You can then view and share your dashboard wherever you and your team are working, via sharing links, a mobile browser, or on a big-screen TV.

Easyflow allows you to extract the key metrics you need with powerful filters

Triggers, Searches and Actions

Easyflow connects simply and security to your chosen app so you can unlock powerful capabilities by:

New Table (Trigger)

Triggers when you add a new table

New Item (Trigger)

Triggers when you add a new item.

Query table (Search)

Finds items based on primary key values. You can query any table or secondary index that has a composite primary key (a partition key and a sort key)

Get item (Search)

Returns the attributes for the item with the given primary key.

Scan table (Search)

Returns one or more items and item attributes by accessing every item in a table

List tables (Search)

Returns an array of table names associated with the current account.

Describe table (Search)

Returns information about the table, including the current status of the table, when it was created, the primary key schema, and any indexes on the table

Create or replace item (Action)

Creates a new item, or replaces an old item with a new item. If an item that has the same primary key as the new item already exists in the specified table, the new item completely replaces the existing item

Update item (Action)

Edits an existing item attributes, or adds a new item to the table if it does not already exist. You can put, delete, or add attribute values.

Create a new table (Action)

Creates a new table to your account. In an AWS account, table names must be unique within each Region. That is, you can have two tables with same name if you create the tables in different Regions

Delete a record (Action)

Deletes a single record in a table

Delete a table (Action)

Deletes the table and all of its items

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Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions

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