Sales Reporting

Sales focused on selling, not speadsheets

No more copy/paste, no more lookups: use Easyflow to assemble and schedule the exact sales reports you need, automatically.
Use Easyflow for moving data between Shopify, Facebook Ads, Data Studio, [and] Google Sheets to create automatic sales reports and CSV importing for dashboards. Easyflow is incredibly flexible, and the ROI on your time saved is huge.

The Problem

Every Sales org has unique cycles, toolsets, models, and accounting needs. Plenty of tools provide reports, but rarely the exact data you need: they aren't set up to see your entire business, or to run your models.
So it takes many spreadsheets, people, and hours just to see your own performance.

The Solution

Automate your routine reports -- even the custom ones -- and get back valuable time and focus.

Sales reporting is often daily, weekly, monthly and so on, so it's good fit with Easyflow's scheduled Flows. By integrating your tools and setting up your report logic, you can keep your custom models and have your time back.

How companies run sales reporting through Easyflow?

Don't see your use case? Contact us and we'll find a fit (or point you in the right direction)

1. Better, faster, more powerful reports

Create reports that aggregate data across any number of Shopify stores

Easyflow Flows are not limited to a single store. Easyflow can pull in data across any number of accounts from Shopify, Squarespace, or any other platform. Create Flows that automatically or on-demand pull sales data for all of your stores. With a few additional transform steps, you can also see how much each store is contributing to key metrics like Net Sales and Customer Retention.
You can even replicate single-store reports from your ecommerce dashboard - in Easyflow, make them multi-store reports that automatically send to your inbox, populate a Google Sheet, visualise using Easyflow dashboards

Test, learn, and evolve quickly by creating reporting templates in Easyflow

Unlike traditional spreadsheets, Easyflow doesn't hide your calculation steps, which makes it easy to test and adjust as you go. Instead of spending hours creating a model in Excel or Google Sheets that is difficult to recall or recreate in the future, create a self-documenting Flow in Easyflow that can be adjusted and reused forever.
At their core, Easyflow Flows are detailed lists of instructions for how to create something like report. It's eay to duplicate Flows or copy and paste parts of them, so many customers create Flow "templates" that they can use to create and customize similar reports.

2. Support your Sales team

Celebrate wins directly in Slack

Automatically push newly closed deals into Slack for the whole team to see. Build a Flow that runs whenever a deal closes in your CRM (like Hubspot). With a few steps, you can craft a custom message to post directly in a Slack channel.
Don't want every single closed deal to get announced? Just add in a Filter Rows step to only push deals above a certain amount, or for a certain type of opportunity.

Calculate custom compensation plans for your sales team

Using back-of-the-napkin math or custom formulas to calculate your team's compensation plan can be tedious and error-prone. Many sales professionals have experienced misreported performance and inaccurate compensation. Take the guesswork out of it and build a Flow in Easyflow to calculate compensation for your entire team. Flows are easy to read, which makes it simple to audit the calculations being used.
You can even take this one step further and calculate commission every-time a sales goes through, or a deal closes - so your team always knows how they're doing

3. Custom metrics, anywhere

Push critical (and custom) business metrics anywhere

Every business has slightly different needs from their core business metrics like MRR, ARR, expansion, and churn. With Parabola, you can build Flows that calculate the exact version of any metric that you need. Using source data from your payment processor (like Stripe), customize these calculations to suit your exact needs, and then push them to your periodic reporting.
No need for custom dashboard or another dashboarding tools. Through the visualisation capability, Easyflow allows you to pull data from everywhere and build KPI dashboards.

Unify all of your sales metrics into a single dashboard

Keep your team in sync and on track by unifying your metrics in a single location. Build an Easyflow Flow that both collects metrics from your sales tools and calculates custom metrics. Also, you can quickly set up an Easyflow visualisation dashboard with every metric that your sales team needs to succeed.
Do you have a custom dashboard, or another dashboarding tool? Easyflow can send data to APIs, FTPs, and online spreadsheets where you can assemble dashboards from.

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), without all the hassle

CLV is a key business and sales health metric that is notoriously difficult to produce in Excel, and can't necessarily be standardized by your ecommerce platform. Build an Easyflow Flow to calculate this key metric, and use the flexibility of the platform to tweak it to your exact needs.
Once created, you can pull these numbers on-demand, or schedule it so that you always have access to the most up-to-date data in a spreadsheet or a dashboard. With a little logic and automation, you can make CLV one of your core business metrics, hassle-free

Monitor sales treands and track leading and lagging products

Optimize your sales efforts by staying on top of your store's trends. With an Easyflow Flow, you can get alerts every day for your best and worst selling products, allowing you to act fast. Build a Flow to track your products' performance, so you know what's trending and can optimize your sales strategy.
Pull in your data from any ecommerce platform then run the Flow on demand. Or, schedule it to run automatically, and create a graph in Easyflow Visualisation to see your leading and lagging products.

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