Refund Policy

Last updated: 1 October 2020
If you'd like a refund, contact us.
First, do not delete your account. If you're looking to close your Easyflow account, you can downgrade to a free plan.
Learn more about changing or canceling your Easyflow plan.

When refunds are granted

Customer may not upload Customer Data or use the Services in a manner that EASYFLOW.IO believes:
If you were just charged for your next month of Easyflow, but you meant to cancel, we're happy to refund that charge.
If you forgot to cancel your monthly Easyflow plan, and you haven't had any Easyflow usage, we'll give you a full refund up to the last 3 months with no Easyflow usage.
If you've purchased an annual plan within the past 30 days, we'll offer you a full refund if you request for it within 30 days of the charge.

When refunds aren't granted

If you’ve purchased an annual plan and it's over 30 days old, we’ll issue credit to your account for the remaining balance on the annual plan. We do not offer refunds past the 30 day point.

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