Visualise your data.

Create memorable KPI dashboards.

Build a real-time dashboard in minutes. With Easyflow, it’s that simple.

Over 1000+ data sources

Your data is everywhere. Instantly connect your data with our easy-to-use integrations.
Don’t see a connection you need? You can use the HTTP connector to easily connect to almost any web service, allowing you to visualise your entire world. All without writing a single line of code

Design your visualisation

Customisable dashboard layouts put you in charge of how your information is received by others. Resize and reorder cards to make certain KPIs more prominent, change dashboard and card colors, and add background colors to imprint your brand on your dashboard.

Drag & drop interface

Resize and rearrange your data visualisations through our drag and drop dashboard designer. No technical skills required.

Chart types

Choose from our collection of chart types for data visualisations, including line, bar, pie, area, maps and gauge charts powered by Easyflow's proprietary visualisation engine.

Visual card designer

Tailor your visual cards based on business metrics you care about or add your own custom filters and calculations.

Share on desktop, mobile and TV

Whether you’re viewing performance from your desktop, phone, or TV – Easyflow makes your data accessible no matter where you’re viewing it.

Display on TV

Keep your entire team up-to-date on the latest performance trends by displaying your Databoards from a wall-mounted TV.

Mobile friendly

With the Easyflow Mobile app — you and your team can have a mobile view of all of your dashboards. (coming soon)

Email snapshots

Automatically email screenshots of your dashboards on a schedule of your choice.

Share a link

Generate a link to your live dashboard – share on email, IM or bookmark

Combine & transform your data.

Empower business users with data transformation capabilities, with inline and visual ETL approaches that don't require coding expertise.

Powerful ETL

One drag & drop, no code, place to connect data between systems, transform it, and write transformed data from Easyflow back to other systems.

Query builder

Calculate new metrics from single or multiple datasets without altering the values of your existing data. Query builder uses simple transformation functions in the Automation Designer interface.

Data writeback

Build bi-directional data flows into your apps with pre-built connectors, and bi-directional connectors.

Ways to use Easyflow visualisation

With live KPI dashboards, teams stay focused on their goals and spot problems, faster.

Modern security should be built-in, not bolted on

Security was based into Easyflow's platform from the very beginning.
Our main security features are core to Easyflow, so you can focus automating your work and analyzing your data, not protecting it.

Comprehensive Data Security

We take data security very seriously. Our cloud platform includes a multitude of features such as dynamic data masking and end-to-end encryption for data in transit and at rest.

Infrastructure Security & Resiliency

Built by leveraging the most sophisticated cloud security technologies available.
The result is a service that is secure and resilient, giving you the confidence to enable your most demanding workloads with Easyflow.

Security governance and controls

Easyflow has adopted a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls. In addition, support for SOC2 Type 2, PCI DSS, and GDPR compliance.

Ready to start automating?

Getting started with Easyflow is simple, secure and there's no installation required.

1. Choose your apps

Select and authorize the apps you want to sync.

2. Connect

Hundreds of prebuilt templates

3. Let it start!

Set it and forget it, Easyflow will take over from here!