Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Offering instant messaging, document sharing and knowledge search for modern teams.

Integration & Dashboard Templates

Save hours on creating Automations and Dashboards from scratch with 100s of professionally designed templates.
Easyflow connects simply and securely to your app account, so you can compile key website and app metrics on an easy-to-understand dashboard.
You can then view and share your dashboard wherever you and your team are working, via sharing links, a mobile browser, or on a big-screen TV.

Easyflow allows you to extract the key metrics you need with powerful filters

Triggers, Searches and Actions

Easyflow connects simply and security to your chosen app so you can unlock powerful capabilities by:

Webhook (Trigger)

Receive instant data

Get user identity (Search)

Gets a user's identity

Get a File (Search)

Returns details about a file

Get a Channel (Search)

Returns details about a channel

Get a Reminder (Search)

Returns details about a reminder.

Get a User (Search)

Returns details about a member of a workspace

Find User by Email (Search)

Finds a user by matching their email

List Channels (Search)

Returns a list of channels in a workspace

List Members in a Channel (Search)

Retrieves members of a channel

List Users (Search)

Returns a list of all users in a workspace

List Files (Search)

Returns a list of files

List Reminders (Search)

List all reminders created

List Reactions (Search)

Returns reactions a user made

List Replies (Search)

Retrieves a thread of messages posted to a conversation

Search for Message (Search)

Returns messages matching a search query

Send Channel Message (Action)

Post a new message to a specific channel you choose

Set the Topic of a Channel (Action)

Changes the topic of a channel.

Update Profile (Action)

Update basic profile fields such as name or title

Add a Reaction (Action)

Adds a reaction to an item

Add a Star (Action)

Adds a star to a channel.

Create a Reminder (Action)

Creates a reminder.

Complete a Reminder (Action)

Completes a reminder.

Create a Text File (Action)

Creates a text file.

Join a Channel (Action)

Joints to an existing channel.

Kick a User (Action)

Removes a user from a channel.

Leave a Channel (Action)

Leaves a channel.

Pin a Message (Action)

Pins a message to a channel.

Remove a Reaction (Action)

Removes a reaction.

Remove a Star (Action)

Removes a star from a channel.

Save an Item (Action)

Adds an Item to saved items.

Remove Saved Item (Action)

Removes a saved item.

Set a Status (Action)

Update a user's current status.

Set the Purpose of a Channel (Action)

Changes the purpose of a channel.

Unpin a Message (Action)

Unpins a message from a channel.

Update a Message (Action)

Updates a message.

Delete a File (Action)

Deletes a file.

Delete a Message (Action)

Removes a message

Delete a Reminder (Action)

Removes a reminder.

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