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Empower teams to work faster and smarter by putting data at the heart of their everyday work and give them the automationtools to start uncovering new business value.

Solutions by Role

Build process automation and data solutions to help your team improve and expand how they work.
Help your team to get work done, faster and smarter.


Spend time selling, not administrating. Easyflow helps sales professionals cut through the clutter and concentrate on providing great customer experiences.

Human Resources

Ensure your employees are at the center of your business. From recruiting and onboarding to performance reviews and leave requests, Easyflow helps improve the employee lifecycle.

Information Technology

Break the IT bottleneck. Automation helps IT teams manage requests, expedite ticket resolution, take control of provisioning processes, and more.


Provide your customers with excellent service by automating time-consuming administrative tasks. It’s easy to open the lines of communication and quickly resolve issues.


Transform your finance processes like invoice processing, expense approvals, and budgeting to place the focus on driving revenue and margin growth.


Streamline marketing campaigns from planning to execution. Focus on producing consistent customer experiences and generating demand instead of chasing down reviews and approvals.


Modernize your legal department without sacrificing due diligence. Automate contract redlining processes, trigger multi-level approvals, and get more done in less time.

Ways to use Easyflow Automation

Nobody runs their business like you do! But custom approaches leads to custom effort. Instead of juggling spreadsheets and doing the legwork yourself, use Easyflow to build your custom workflows. You’ll save time and create visibility for your team.

Sales Reporting

Bringing your tools, models, and revenue together automatically

Marketing Reporting

Automating routine reporting around ads, emails, and other marketing

Customer Management

Keep customer information up-to-date, and engage with custom user segments

Inventory Management

Connect the dots between your stock, partners, and customers

Connected Tools and Data

Merge data from multiple sources, move info from one to another automatically

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Workflow automation

Setup automations to spend less time on repetitive and tedious tasks, and spend more time on what's important.

Data visualisation

Pull all your data into one place. Mix and match metric from differences sources and get a complete view of your performance at glance.

Data Pipeline automation - ETL

Collet, prepare and analyse all your data with ease. Support your data journey every step from data integration to data transformation.

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