Who we are

Easyflow brings together all your people, data, and systems into one place for a digitally-connected business.

Our Story

We started in 2018 as a team based in Sydney. In the beginning, we outsourced automation libraries and software to some of the world’s biggest companies

Our focus

Building the world’s best integration and business analytics software for everyone.

We take personal pride in delivering customer success

We engineer our systems to process billions of tasks a month in real time.
We release product enhancements daily to give our customers an edge.
We obsess over user experience. It’s got to be easy to use.
We roll-up our sleeves to get new customers up-and-running with configuration consulting.
We go out of our way to deliver fanatical customer and partner support.

Culture - Our most valuable asset

We support the open and respectful exchange of ideas–from both within and outside of the company.
We do not hide from our own failures or scorn the failures of others.
We trust each other: to own our work, to always seek excellence, to reach beyond our past achievements.
We believe in creating a safe, generous, accepting workplace where people can be their authentic, best selves.
We are a meritocracy.
We wholeheartedly share what we know – not just with each other, but with anyone who wants to explore and contribute.
We prize introspection and action equally.
We believe in our technology and its potential to accelerate human achievement.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be the market leader in the design, distribution and implementation of automation and analytic systems.
We will confront this challenge by developing innovative marketing, engineering and customer service strategies to meet our individual customer’s changing needs.
We will accomplish this goal with a well-educated and highly motivated staff that thrives on personal growth and satisfaction through teamwork & creativity.
We will assure our longevity through well defined and financially prudent customer driven planning

Ready to start automating?

Getting started with Easyflow is simple, secure and there's no installation required.

1. Choose your apps

Select and authorize the apps you want to sync.

2. Connect

Hundreds of prebuilt templates

3. Let it start!

Set it and forget it, Easyflow will take over from here!