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An array connector is a connector that can perform multiple calculations on one or more items in an array. You can think of an array as a row or column of values, or a combination of rows and columns of values.

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Triggers, Searches and Actions

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Get (Search)

Returns the value path of an object or array. To access nested objects, use dot notation. First item in an array is index 1

Index Of (Search)

Returns item from array at index.

Map (Search)

Returns a primitive array containing object picked from a complex array. single source key with empty target key will return the selected source key values at root position.

Sort (Search)

Sorts values of an array. Order is either `asc` or `desc`. Use `key` argument to access properties inside complex objects. Use raw variable names for keys. To access nested properties, use dot notation. First item in an array is index 1

Slice (Search)

Returns a new array containing only selected items

Get Column (Search)

Return a column from an array. Column is the name or index or the target column in the array

Reverse (Search)

Reverse items of an array.

Contains (Search)

Verifies if an array contains the value

Contains Extended (Search)

Verifies if an array of objects contains the value

Get Name Value (Search)

Returns a value from an array of key name string objects.

Get Key Value (Search)

Returns a value from an array of key/value objects.

Key Filter (Search)

Filter array by Key value.

Length (Action)

Returns the number of items in an array

Merge (Action)

Merges two arrays into one array

Join Arrays (Action)

Join arrays with a database-style.

Concatenate Arrays (Action)

Join 2 arrays based on row index style

Combine Columns (Action)

Combining two columns in a new column that contains an element for each corresponding elements from both columns.

split Column (Action)

Splits the string in a column from the beginning, at the specified delimiter string.

Add (Action)

Add values specified in parameters to an array and returns that array

Add Index (Action)

Add an incremental index column to the array.

Join (Action)

Concatenates all the items of an array into a string, using the specified separator between each item

Key Move (Action)

Returns an array by moving a key value to a child or parent node

Keys (Action)

Returns an array of a given object\"s or array\"s properties

Add Dictionary (Action)

Add a key object to all the items of an array of objects

Drop Column (Action)

Remove column by specifying by specifying directly index or column name.

Remove (Action)

Removes values specified in the parameters of an array. Effective only on primitive arrays of text or numbers

Distinct (Action)

Removes duplicates inside an array. Use `key` argument to access properties inside complex objects. To access nested properties, use dot notation. First item in an array is index 1

Subtract Array (Action)

Subtract items of an array.

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