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Triggers, Searches and Actions

Easyflow connects simply and security to your chosen app so you can unlock powerful capabilities by:

Webhook (Trigger)

Receive instant data

List Contacts on Smart Segment (Search)

Returns a list of all of the contacts which are on this smart segment.

List Contacts on List (Search)

Returns a list of all of the contacts which are on this list

List Smart Segments (Search)

Returns a list of all available smart segments

List all Contacts (Search)

Returns a list of your contacts.

List all Lists (Search)

Returns a list of all available lists

List Journeys with API Triggers (Search)

Returns a list of API Triggers along with the journey name to help you identify the correct one

Check if Contact on List (Search)

Checks if a contact belongs to a particular list

Get Contact (Search)

Retrieves the given contact record given the contact ID or email

Create Contact (Action)

Allows you to create or update a contact

Update Contact (Action)

Updates the details of a contact. This method will return the contacts ID number

Add Contact to Journey (Action)

Add contacts to journeys

Add List (Action)

Add a new list.

Add Contact to List (Action)

Adds a contact to a list

Unsubscribe Contact (Action)

Unsubscribes the contact from receiving emails from your Autopilot Journeys

Remove Contact from List (Action)

Removes a contact from a list

Delete Contact (Action)

Removes the contact from your database

Delete Contact Activity Feed (Action)

Deletes the activity feed of a contact

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