Browse AI

Browse AI is a web automation tool that lets you extract and monitor data from any website with no code.

Integration & Dashboard Templates

Save hours on creating Automations and Dashboards from scratch with 100s of professionally designed templates.

Triggers, Searches and Actions

Easyflow connects simply and security to your chosen app so you can unlock powerful capabilities by:

Watch Events (Instant)

Receive all type of events

List Robots (Search)

Retrieve list of robots under your account.

List Robot's Monitors (Search)

Retrieve a robot's monitors list.

List Robot's bulk runs (Search)

Retrieve a robot's bulk runs list.

List Robot's Webhooks (Search)

Retrieve a robot's webhook list.

Get a Robot (Search)

Retrieve single robot by ID.

Get Robot Tasks (Search)

Get all of a robot's tasks.

Get a Task (Search)

Retrieve a task's details and captured data.

Run a Robot (Action)

Run a robot on-demand with custom input parameters.

Update a Monitor (Action)

Update a robot's monitor.

Bulk Run Tasks (Action)

Bulk run up to 1,000 tasks at a time using a robot.

Create a webhook (Action)

Create a new webhook on a robot.

Delete a Monitor (Action)

Deletes a robot's monitor.

Delete a Webhook (Action)

Deletes a Robot's Webhook.

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1000+ Apps and Services

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Start automating common business processes immediately with tons of prebuilt templates.
You can use them as they are or customize them to suit your needs

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