Datastore by Easyflow

To work with application data inside a Easyflow, use the DataStore connector. The connector provides operations to store, retrieve, list, and remove data from your DataStore bloc.

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Easyflow connects simply and securely to your app account, so you can compile key website and app metrics on an easy-to-understand dashboard.
You can then view and share your dashboard wherever you and your team are working, via sharing links, a mobile browser, or on a big-screen TV.

Easyflow allows you to extract the key metrics you need with powerful filters

Triggers, Searches and Actions

Easyflow connects simply and security to your chosen app so you can unlock powerful capabilities by:

Insert Records (Action)

Adds records in the data store

Update a record (Action)

Updates a record in the data store

Get a record (Search)

Retrieves a specific record exists in the data store

Check the existence of a record (Action)

Checks if a specific record exists in the data store

Delete a record (Action)

Deletes a specific record from the data store

Delete all records (Action)

Deletes all records from the data store

Create datastore from records (Action)

Create and import into the data store.

Search records (Search)

Returns the records matching the specific criteria.

Count records (Search)

Returns the count of all records in the specified data store.

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Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions

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Available Datasets

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