Live chat dashboard

What’s this dashboard for?

This dashboard gives us a real-time overview of one of our most important support channels: live chat. The team can see at a glance how busy chat is at that time, and how well we’re meeting demand. If we have everything under control, then we tend to switch our attention to other channels or longer term projects. But if the dashboard highlights an influx of chats and we’re struggling to meet our First Response Time targets, we can quickly switch agents to ensure we’re maintaining our standards.

A less tangible, but very important use for this dashboard, is to show the wider company how hard the team works at addressing our customers’ questions and problems. It’s a great morale boost when we get compliments from other teams!

Focus area

Number of chats, first response time, current chat queue, agents online, CSAT

Who looks at it?


How often?

Every day

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