Sales activity dashboard

What is a sales activity dashboard?

A sales activity dashboard is designed to monitor the quantity and quality of the day-to-day activities used by sales people, such as calls, emails, social-selling and product demos.

One reason companies use these dashboards is to support productivity. Sales people know that the best use of their time is to be out there, with customers, helping them solve problems. But often, other things get in the way. Dashboards help keep the whole team’s attention focused on how they prioritize their time.

Sales activity dashboards are usually also presented in the context of the sales pipeline (or funnel). Tracking sales activity helps you understand the link between new leads and new business. Spotting issues related to sales activity, early, means you can resolve them before they affect more important metrics further down the funnel, such as revenue.

Focus area

Sales pipeline, productivity

Who looks at it?

Sales Manager, Sales Team

How often?

Several times a week

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