Customer Management

Go from customer lookups to lifetime value

Easyflow brings your tools together to provide seamless customer experiences.
Easyflow Saves hours from manual copy and pasting across multiple spreadsheets. It helps you keep your customers' orders and customisations organised so you can quickly identify which customers you need to get in touch with ... You can focus on delivering a great customer experience!

The Problem

Customer information can live in many locations: Your store interfaces, marketing tools, CRMs, and in spreadsheets.
Keeping addresses, tags, and other info updated is plenty of work already, but it's even harder to answer bigger questions, like customer lifetime value.

The Solution

Go beyond simply filtering customer tables: delight your customers at scale.

Sure, Shopify can show you which customers are new or returning, but an Easyflow Flow can email the returning ones based on their specific purchases.

You can go even further, setting up Flows based on customer lifetime value to treat your "VIPs" as such.

How stores manage their customers using Easyflow?

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1. Automatically manage your CRM

Create your own CRM by syncing customer data into Airtable

Tools like Airtable can be used as a quick and simple CRM, helping you stay organised without the overhead of maintaining a large-scaled CRM (and possibly saving cost).
With Easyflow, you can build a Flow that syncs data with your CRM so that is always up to date.
Add more functionality by creating a two-way sync between Airtable and Shopify. In your Easyflow Flow, you can check if any customer field has been updated in Airthabel to a value not represented in Shopify, and update Shopify to match.

Enrich your Salesforce leads with data from another service

Expand the leads and customers data in your CRM by enriching with another service. Build an Easyflow flow that pulls in your leads from Salesforce, enriches them with data from another service, and then sends the new records back into Salesforce.
Enriching leads can be messy. Sometimes the data that comes back is not as clean as you'd like it to be. Add additional steps to your flow to clean and normalize the results that come back from the enrichement service.

Sync form submissions to your CRM

Collect structured and useful data from your customers using forms and then send that data into your CRM to maximize its utility. Build a Flow that takes form submissions from the prior hour and syncs them to your CRM. Use Easyflow's native integrations with Hubspot and Salesforce, or send the form data to Airtable or even a Google Sheet.
Your Flow can run on a regular schedule, or use a webhook to run it everytime a form is submitted for instant data processing.

Sync lead lists to your outbound email tool

Managing and importing lead listing into your outbound emailing tool is a manual and time consuming process. Build a Flow that cleans and normalises all of your email lists automatically. You can automate removing duplicates, cleaning bad data, normalizing the casing of names, and detecting emails that deliver to the same address.
Take it one step further by pulling in the lead lists automatically from an email attachment or file storage service.

2. Generate rich customer insights

Automatically tag customers in Shopify

Create tags based on what a customer purchased, where they live, how many times have purchased something, and more. Using Easyflow, creating custom tags for your customers can be fully automated.
Take this one step further by creating tags based off of information from another source, like your marketing tools, CRM, or product analytics.

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), without all the hassle

CLV is a key business and sales health metric that is notoriously difficult to product in Excel, and can't necessarily be standardised by your ecommerce platform. Build an Easyflow Flow to calculate this key metric, and use the flexibility of the platform to tweak it to your exact needs.
Once created, you can pull these numbers on-demand, or schedule it so that you always have access to the most up-to-date data in spreadsheet or a dashboard. With a little logic and automation, you can make CLV on of your core business metrics, hassle-free.

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